Process of the IVF

Process of the IVF

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With increasing technology, many impossible are becoming possible every year. Getting pregnant and having a baby is every parent's dream. But, many things can prevent that from happening. IVF can help to live the dream again; it is some of the well known assisted reproductive technology.

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) helps in fertilization of the egg and implanting the egg in the uterus using surgical procedures and medicine combinations. The total IVF process in long and it can take several months to complete the whole process. The number of the center for IVF in Noida is increasing every year.

What is IVF?

IVF is an an alternative way of getting pregnant. You can take medication that helps you to mature the eggs and help them fertilize. Fertilized eggs are mixed with sperm outside the body and put back again in the uterus. Of the process is well then pregnancy happens. Some women get pregnant in the first try but for most of the women, IVF takes months even years to get successful. IVF might not work for some people because of structural and hormone differences. IVF treatments are not very costly; you can find an advanced and affordable IVF center in Delhi easily.

IVF Process

IVF process It can be very long and it takes a lot of time. But if you follow the right steps of the process then getting pregnant is not tough. The steps of IVF include:

As mentioned above you will need to take medications in the starting to help ovaries. With the help of these medications, ovaries start to produce mature and fertilization ready egg. This whole process is called the induction of ovulation. You can take care of the egg and hormone also monitors them with blood tests and ultrasounds.

The doctor will keep monitoring the eggs and once enough egg is produced, the doctor will remove the eggs from the body. This is one of the minor surgical procedures in the whole IVF process. You can do it in any ivf centre in noida or a fertility clinic.

To pull out the egg from the body doctor will use a needle attached with suction. Using a thin tube through the vagina doctor will pull the eggs from follicles and ovary and separate them from your body. Commonly medicines are given to patients for relaxing through the whole procedure. To know the exact position of the eggs doctor might do ultrasound tests.

After separating the eggs from the body, the doctor will send those eggs to the laboratory to mix them with the partner’s or donor’s sperm cells. The mixing process is also known as insemination. A special container helps to fertilize the egg and after 3-5 days 1 or more eggs are put back again into the uterus using a thin tube through the cervix. If any of the embryos attach to the uterus then pregnancy happens. If you are looking for IVF, you can contact Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour for a smooth experience in the process.


If you want to know the process of IVF, the above-mentioned information can help you very much.

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