A Hilltop Christmas Celebration

A Hilltop Christmas Celebration

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Thu, Dec 25, 2014, 11:30 AM -  Sun, Dec 28, 2014, 02:30 PM

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Organiser : Swati Rao
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Midway Jim Corbett Ranikhet
Rishikesh - Uttaranchal
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A Hilltop Christmas Celebration
Tao, Tantra, Sufi, Music & Dance
with Shivam Satyam

25th till 28th December

Wake up and silently observe the snow capped Himalayan peaks every morning. Break, and give yourself an opportunity to rediscover your true nature.

Unravel the mysteries surrounding Tao, Tantra and meditation in this winter retreat. The fusion of Tao and Tantra is the exquisite coming together of two of the most intriguing forms of eastern mysticism. Tao is rooted in suchness and essence, Tantra in experimentation and acceptance; and together they remind us and point toward the stillness and celebration, the dance and humour, the laughter and joy in the great play of leela.

We will explore the many... facets of Sufism; both traditional and contemporary. At the heart of the event would lie celebration and dance – bliss inside, rejoicing outside. We will explore the various facets of our being – body, emotions, creativity and silence.

The retreat would be a non-stop rollercoaster between silence and fun, music and meditation, cosmic gossip and festivities!

It would include:

Nature walks,
Silent meditation,
Kundalini and soma dance,
Sufi Whirling
Free flow Sufi dancing on rythmns from contemporary Sufi music
Latihan and mahamudra meditation,
Fire worship accompanied by night drums,
Tantra breath-work,
Taoistic boketto and fura fura;
and a lot more dance, celebration and laughter.
So, whether you had a great year or not, whether you are happy or sad, single or a couple, religious or agnostic, this is the time to let-go; to meditate and celebrate without a reason; to invite a little madness into your life and a little silence and peace; to transport yourself into a world not thought or imagined, letting-go of your cares and worries, immersing yourself in the suchness of things. Come surprise yourself.


The techniques shall be shared, such that they can be carried back home and practiced in daily life.

You will find out pointers on your search for peace, fulfillment and joy; the alignment between what you want and what you do; and ways toward authentic self-discovery.

Where Will We Stay?

One of India's finest wellness based luxury boutique resorts. Essence of Nature is a prime example of sustainable architecture. Every bit of this project is carefully conceived to help nature cleanse your system of all its impurities. Be it the air you breathe, the food you consume, the water you drink, or the views you see - be cocooned in purity. To make the experience that much more unforgettable, state-of-the-world luxurious amenities have been incorporated in the project.

Shivam Satyam is an artist and writer by profession and a seeker at heart. Meditation has been his way on the spiritual journey. He has travelled extensively, experimented with different schools of mysticism, learned from various masters; finally coming to the point of embracing Zen as a way of life.

He leads workshops and offers personal sessions in fields as varied as human design, the enneagram of liberation, hypnosis, catharsis based dance therapies, ecstatic dance, meditation (method based and zazen), besides a wide spectrum of Osho meditations and group therapies. Elements from the wisdom traditions of Zen, Sufism, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism are integrated in his workshops into a beautiful symphony.

His debut novel in the genre of spiritual fiction, The Wayfarer, was launched recently.

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Call Mohit: 9910185042 or Annu: 8595155420
If you want to write to us, our email is journey@soulcentric.in or soulcentric@outlook.com


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