How to Prepare Your Level 120 Alts for Shadowlands with Up to 7 off wow classic

How to Prepare Your Level 120 Alts for Shadowlands with Up to 7 off wow classic

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With the recent 100% experience buff in retail WoW, running through April 20th, you may have a bevy of brand-new characters over the past few weeks. But what do you do once you've finished leveling and they're one 120?

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We've prepared a guide to quickly getting your fresh level 120 alts set for Shadowlands, including easy ways to gear up, spots you can skip quests in the legendary questline, and ways to keep track of numerous alts and their weekly chores. The guide aims to answer the following questions:
How do you gear new alts up?
How do you navigate the 8.3 quests to getting the legendary cloak and opening Horrific Visions?
What parts are important to do, and what is safely ignored for a character who isn't going to be a high-end raider?
Patch 8.3 for Alts: Preparing Your 120 Alt Characters for Shadowlands

While this guide is not aimed for high-end characters, there are still many reasons to have max-level alts, even if they don't have the best gear. For example:
Farming transmogs, mounts, and pets from lower-level content. (And if you're going to farm transmogs and you have a lot of characters, you'll need four farmers -- one for each armor type!)
Having a full stable of manufacturing professions, as well as dedicated farmers for profession mats (druids are AWESOME farmers!)
Seeing the world from both the Horde and Alliance perspectives
Trying out new builds of your favorite classes
Going after the mounts and heritage armor for some or all of the races and allied races
Maintaining different roles to be able to play with a wide variety of friends and be able to fill different roles
Because they're all such fun, choosing one is impossible!

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