Bengaluru POETRY TUESDAY 4 -

Bengaluru POETRY TUESDAY 4 - "Slangster Diaries"

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Wed, Oct 19, 2016, 12:30 AM -  Wed, Oct 19, 2016, 03:30 AM

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Organiser : Poetry Tuesdays
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DECIBEL STUDIOS, D 17/18, Second Floor, Devatha Plaza, Opposite Bishop Cotton Boys School, Residency Road, Bangalore-25
Bengaluru - Karnataka
About us

Slay the slangs in your verses. This time we want to listen to all those crazy words spun around in your tales, cool slangs in your poems. Open the Slangster Diaries and pun us with your poems.

Of course, the theme isn't compulsory and you can write on anything you want and in any language!

Maxmeet Poetry Tuesdays (PT) is one of the oldest and most regular poetry properties in the country. On the 2nd of August, we completed 60 PTs in Thane, the original place where it began. And we have now landed in Bengaluru!

So come with poems, come with friends or come with both! Come to read or come to listen. There are no entry fees and our only rule is your writing has to be your own!

Why a weekday you ask? Precisely so that you can unwind after a hard day's work and meet some interesting people, listen to some interesting stuff.

Maxmeet Social is a series of properties that help us to unwind in between our hectic work schedules with networking, quality entertainment and community participation. 

If you need any details, please ping Gadru Musafir on Facebook.


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