Welcome to Join Xmas Party with Up to 9off runescape gold on RS3gold

Welcome to Join Xmas Party with Up to 9off runescape gold on RS3gold

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Easy & quick guide for OSRS Christmas 2019

1. Talk to Santa by the Varrock fountain.
2. Speak to the Worried Baker south of the Apothecary.
3. Come back to Santa and speak to him again.
4. Speak to Paul and Mary.
5. Pass through the cell doors where there is the Icelord.
6. Follow the steps from the south room:
-Take 3 festive pots from the table;
-Take 3 festive ginger powder from the red sack;
-Take 3 festive flour from the green sack;
-Take 3 festive cinnamon sticks from the barrel of festive branches;
-Take 3 festive eggs from the bucket of eggs.
7. Add all these items into the receiver and pull the lever.
8. Get the gingerbread shield from the oven.
9. Take the bakery storage key with the gingerbread shield equipped.
10. Unlock the door.
11. Speak to Paul and Mary again.
12. Coma back to Santa. OSRS Christmas Event 2019 complete!

Rewards from OSRS Christmas Event 2019

You will gain the following new rewards after completing OSRS Christmas 2019 event:
-Green gingerbread shield: The green gingerbread shield can be transformed into the red gingerbread shield if you right-click on it.
-Two partyhat sets
-Two Santa hats
-Two Christmas crackers: The Christmas cracker OSRS can be used for a partyhat and other items, including coins, runes and weapons.
In addition, you are able to obtain rewards from previous Christmas event by speaking to Diango OSRS, such as the Christmas tree costume, candy cane, snow imp costume, etc.

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