Webinar on Influence of Automation on Society

Webinar on Influence of Automation on Society

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Fri, Jan 28, 2022, 01:00 PM -  Fri, Jan 28, 2022, 04:00 PM


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Organiser : Compucare
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203-210, Bombay Shopping Centre, Opp. GEB, Race Course, Vadodara – Gujarat – INDIA.
Vadodara - Gujarat
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The benefits of robotic process automation (RPA) are apparent on the surface: time savings, cost savings, increased productivity, and so on. However, your company's purpose isn't only to save time. You have more important duties to do.

Leaders need to be linked to the world outside their businesses now more than ever. Automation offers a realistic method to attaining those goals that not only assist you to build a better work environment but also affect the society around you, from sustainability to social good. Businesses may reach environmental and social goals faster by automating corporate operations and designing workflows that speed up procedures or remove paperwork.

Our Automation webinar will be a discussion on the beneficial influence automation is having on society today, as well as the promise for the future change it provides.

This webinar will include visionary leaders to discuss how automation can help people achieve more. We'll explain how RPA can enhance employee experiences by improving workflows, and how it can improve global health outcomes by processing data quicker.

These exclusive tips will put you in the driver's seat for important discussions about what automation can do for us all — and how to use technology for good.


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