WEBINAR: Cyber threats to business in a global state of emergency / 09.04.2020

WEBINAR: Cyber threats to business in a global state of emergency / 09.04.2020

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Thu, Apr 09, 2020, 11:00 AM -  Thu, Apr 09, 2020, 12:00 PM


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Marketing Sagiton
Organiser : Marcin Michalski, Bartlomiej Balcerek
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The time of exceptional changes has come.

Everyone dynamically adapts the business to the current situation to successfully pass the market verification. In the era of all this disorder, it is forgotten to maintain a high level of cybersecurity.

Hackers take advantage of global confusion. This is a very favorable situation for them. And you can unconsciously facilitate their "work".

You comply with international restrictions and health recommendations, but are you sure that you have properly secured your company against hacker attacks?

Find out how to take care of cybersecurity in the current turbulent situation, especially if:

- your employees work remotely,

- the nature of task performance is changing,

- the form of company control is transforming.

Learn what are the current threats in cyberspace for your company and how to deal with them.


1. Introduction: types of hacking, motivation, attack life cycle

2. Incidents and violations by industry branch - statistics

3. Private sector - typical threats

4. Threats to web applications

5. Threats to the infrastructure as a whole

6. Remote work and additional attack vectors

7. Ways to defend and mitigate the effects of attacks: scanner, audit, penetration test

8. Summary and Q&A

The presentation will be based on real use cases and the real examples of hacker attacks and frequent violations. 

During the lecture, you will gain access to the brand NEW CYBERSECURITY TOOL.

This allows you to scan the web application yourself and get a report with recommendations for detected vulnerabilities and necessary improvements. All this without leaving home and without waiting for the results indefinitely.

You definitely should join us and listen to experts from Lemlock, the cybersecurity and IT professionals with a strong background in:

- security auditing and penetration testing,

- IT development and security standards.


Bartłomiej Balcerek - Chief Security Officer at Lemlock


Graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology and its longtime employee. Author of scientific publications in the field of IT security. The former administrator of distributed system and programmer, for 15 years he has been involved in the execution and coordination of penetration tests and security audits.

Marcin Michalski - Managing Partner at Lemlock 


President and co-founder of Sagiton Sp. z o.o. and Lemlock, Master of Computer Science at the Wrocław University of Technology and the Cisco Academy, author of publications in the field of software engineering, a systems architect with over 12 years of working experience in the field of digital solutions for fintech, construction, logistics and marketing. Advocate for using modern technologies, including maintaining security standards in the private and public sectors.

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