The Kasol Art Summit Experience

The Kasol Art Summit Experience

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Sat, Nov 21, 2015, 01:30 AM -  Thu, Nov 26, 2015, 04:30 AM

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Organiser : Anjali Rathore
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Manali - Himachal Pradesh
About us

The Kasol Art Summit. 2nd Edition. #ProjectDelhi

the Experience includes lots of music, bonfires, camping, interactions and activities along with an Art Exhibition

the intent and motivation for this event is to bring art in a new light, a new atmosphere. a bunch of people coming together to interact and enquire on intellectual philosophies and the likes. through the Kasol Art Summit Experience, we hope to form new lines of thought to think from, a change in normalcy, creating a cult of sorts in the centre of nature's true beauty.

20th - 25th November '15
Registrations Close 13th November '15.
Cost: 13k INR (5 days, all inclusive)

Art Summit in Riverside Kasol
camping on the river banks
bonfire + we will be creating some live artwork + riverside sleeps & nightwalks + trippy conversations, discussions and enquiries, collective experiences
what's more, we'll have a Mono Act by none other than Mr. Arjun Advani himself. Arjun is a seasoned theatre artist and loves doing improvs.
lots more stuff like this and more troll on its way. do come.

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our last trip to Ladakh (1st edition) "Delhi Travellers : Project Ladakh":

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