The eArth Warriors by Artezvous

The eArth Warriors by Artezvous

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Sat, Dec 14, 2019, 11:30 AM -  Mon, Dec 16, 2019, 07:00 PM

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Payal and Bindal Shah
Organiser : Karishma Sheth
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Studio Artezvous
Panchsheel Plaza, 1st floor, Suite 138, Hughes road, Mumbai - 400007
Mumbai -
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"Sustainable" is the new green. In a world, where sustainability is #trending, right from sustainable architecture to sustainable home decor to sustainable banking to even sustainable clothing, ART too makes its foray taking over the environmental issue. 

Touching upon different topics and ideas for every art exhibition, art curators Payal Shah and Bindal Shah of Artezvous along with their artists have taken on the environment this time. At their upcoming art exhibition, 10 artists shall be displaying their artworks created from recycled material. Freedom was given to the artists to put together their understanding of 'sustainability'. The creative minds have put together their works depicting the harmony in nature, figurines, spiritual and more. The name of the artists displaying their works are - Aanal Shah, Ananya Aggarwal, Archana Tanna, Bindal Shah, Farhat Datta, Krishna Khanna, Payal Shah, Shikha Shah, Smita Srivastava and Sonika Shah

Artist Shikha Shah gives an interesting twist to bubble wrap as she shares, "Bubble wraps were originally invented with the purpose of using them as wallpapers but landed up being packaging device. On finding this, I was truly inspired to use bubble wrap and help it return to its original purpose.Bradley Hart has always been my inspiration for his unique style of art work. Especially when I heard about the topic “ Recycle” I knew that I wanted to take inspiration from his process of injecting acrylic paints into bubble wrap. I thought if I could make paintings with bubble wrap I would indirectly put it back into its original use. I spent several days to plan how to execute this piece with precision. Most of my challenges that I faced were in the planning phase. I spent a large amount of my time by sampling test pieces to make sure that my final piece would be successful!"

Artist Aanal Shah shares, "Since childhood I was always inspired with things that people considered waste. It intrigues me to use these materials, upcycle them with thought and emotion into art pieces that I create using natural, waste and unwanted products lying around. I love all things natural....dried twigs from my backyard, fabric strings, wasted wood chips, and used light fit outs, are some of the ingredients in my paintings."

Commenting on the interesting concept, art curators Payal Shah and Bindal Shah share, "There is nothing better than a good challenge! Awareness of economic, environmental and social impact of reusing material has inspired us to challenge our artists to create eco-friendly and sustainable art. There will be 65-70 artworks in total on display at this art exhibition. It's time we stand together in our own way to support the global cause." 


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