TechnoXian- World Robotics Championship (WRC)

TechnoXian- World Robotics Championship (WRC)


Sat, Jun 23, 2018, 02:30 PM -  Sun, Jun 24, 2018, 11:30 PM

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Herald Mathew
Organiser : Times World
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Indira Gandhi Stadium
New Delhi
Delhi - Delhi
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After a Great Success of TechnoXian’17 at IG Stadium, New Delhi (India), further registrations for World Level Championship Event TechnoXian 2018 have started now. We’d like to invite you to participate in such a grand event. You may send across your team to represent your school/college/club.



TechnoXian is the world’s largest robotics championship event series of World Robotics Championship (WRC) in affiliation with Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA).  It  accumulate students from all over the world together to be a part of the biggest world level robotics championship and commemorate with knowledge and create an unmatched ambience and aura of learning with fun under the expert guidance of research personnel who have proved their worth in the field of academics and industry.


TechnoXian’18 Focus:

o    Will be organized at Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi (India) on 16th – 17th June’18

o    5000+ teams from all over the world.

o    INR 1.10 Cr. worth Awards allocated for entire series of IRL and WRC.

o    Certification from “All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA)” and “Ministry of Science & Technology, government of India” to all.

o    Engaging more than 4.5 million students and developing network to share technical knowledge.

Competitions in WRC’18:


A team of maximum 5 participants can register themselves for one or more than one following WRC competitions..

1.       Fastest Line Follower(FLF): The challenge of the competition is to make a robot that can move on black lines on a white background and reach the finish as soon as possible. Visit:

2.       Robo Race: Design a robot either wired or wireless within the specified dimensions that can operated manually and can travel through all turns of the track. The robot that will complete the specified task in least time will be the winner. Visit:

3.       Robo Soccer: Design and build two remote controlled robots (striker and goal keeper). The team with maximum goals at the completion of the match will emerge as the winner. Visit:

4.       MicroMouse: the contestant or team of contestants design and build small self­-controlled robots (MicroMouse) to negotiate a maze in the shortest possible time. Visit:

5.       Robo War: competitors bring their robots ready to battle and are pitted against their competitors’ robots in one-on-one matches where the aim is to push the opponent’s robot off the arena. Visit:

6.       QuadCopter Challenge: Build your QuadCopter to travel from source to destination crossing various interruptions, hurdles, etc., along the path of journey. Visit:

7.       RC Craft Challenge: Build your RC Plane, which can take off, and land on the ground and has ability to do maneuvers. Visit:

8.       Water Rocket: Scoring maximum hang time of the rocket will be considered winner. Visit:

9.       Innovation Challenge: Innovator’s team has to submit a great idea and project that will change the future of robotics and useful to nature or human being. Visit:


Competitions in IRL’18:

Institutes and academic center may also represent for International Robotics League’18. Following are the competitions in IRL category.

1)       Jr. Robo Race Challenge: This challenge is open only for schools. A team of 10 -15 participants would represent their school and compete with others. Visit:

2)       Sr. Robo Race Challenge: This challenge is open for all education institutions including colleges. A team of 10 -15 participants would represent their institute and compete with other institutes. Eligible participants should be doing engineering graduation or post-graduation. Visit:


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