Spaced Out - Inter - Collegiate Band competition

Spaced Out - Inter - Collegiate Band competition

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Tue, Dec 17, 2013, 08:30 PM -  Tue, Dec 17, 2013, 11:30 PM

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Organiser : Visions 2013 - SIES College
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Mumbai -
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POWERCHORDS is BACK! and its spaced out this year! Returning back at SIES - More EPIC, even more brutal and a crazy line-up to be announced soon! "Absentmindedness in the form of a personality trait!" Spaced out is here to take over your mind with music! ~14th - December - Inter-Collegiate band competition. Bands compete in to win a slot in "Spaced Out"(Only one band), and also lots of prizes, vouchers, accessories and ofcourse - large cash prize to be announced! ~17th December - SPACED OUT 1 - Headliner 1- Co-Headliner 2 - City Bands 1 - Winner of the band competition. SIES is back again as a place where Rock, Metal and Music shall live on! Rules and Regulations: Participation: Group Entry Fee: 500 /- Play Time : 15 Min (excluding sound check ) Sound Check : 10 Min Rules And Regulations : 1) One cover compulsory (optional) O.C (mandatory). 2) The eliminations will be held on the 14th of December. 3) The eliminations will start at 11:00 am sharp. 4) The slots will be given to the bands at the time of registrations. 5) O.T.S (on the spot registrations) will be closed at 12:00 pm. 6) Harshness on the lyrics showed be strictly forbidden. 7) All genres are accepted. All sorts of fusion, mash-ups and distortion. To Register and know more : Nirman Chowdhury - 7718939211 Anile Saduwala - 7666754169


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