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Selenium Training Online

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Fri, Jan 19, 2018, 03:00 PM -  Thu, Dec 31, 2020, 05:30 AM

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Selenium IDE in an integrated development environment which tests code while integrating browser activity. The main ambition of writing these types of tests is to mimic user actions to determine if the web server and database are behaving as expected as they carry out the users’ commands. Documents are the heart of selenium tests. These commands are a way of knowing what part of the application is being tested and what the user expects the browser to present. Writing tests is almost simple with selenium. The end product of a selenium test can be transformed to any language, however, by default, selenium scripts are simply a combination of “Selenese” commands in an HTML format. However, by creating  or downloading a user extension, JavaScript commands may also be implemented. User extensions themselves are created with JavaScript by adding methods to the Selenium object prototype. More insights of this automation testing can be gained from Selenium training through online learning.

Objectives ::
  • Understand the Selenium Architecture and its related components
  • Conducting the handling process of Alerts and Multiple windows operation
  • Recording and playing the tests using Selenium IDE
  • Drafting Tests using TestNG
  • Learning TestNG Annotations, Assertions, Generating Test Reports etc.,
  • Finding out the test elements making use of Locators by id, by name, by class, by tag name, by linktext, by css, by xpath, etc
  • Developing Reusable automation Tests
  • Being trained in Selenium WebDriver/ Selenium 2.0
  • Learning the process of creating and running of the Test Suits using testng.xml
  • Automating Editbox, DropdownList, Link, Checkbox, RadioButtons, Tables, Calender, Keyboard and mouse operations.
  • Authenticating the page contents making use of Selenium WebDriver.
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