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Warlocks are powerful magic users in World of Warcraft Classic. As the player progresses through the game there are many opportunities to level up. Leveling up in WOW Classic allows for players to access more powerful spells and skills. What follows is a guide to level up a warlock character with cheapest wow classic gold in WOW Classic.

Leveling Up Solo

WOWC WarlockWarlocks have many advantages to leveling up solo. The Warlock can summon Imps at level 1-10 and Voidwalkers after level 10. These familiars a perfect as tanks when fighting enemies. The Warlock can then focus on casting spells.Also, being able to trade health for mana allows the warlock to make the best use of their skills and resources. Spells such as Life Tap and Drain Life are perfect for this approach.

Teaming Up

Other classes have difficulty leveling up with a team. The point distribution in WOW Classic works to evenly spread points between players. This can slow down the leveling process. Warlocks are the best class for working with partners. Warlocks have the ability to regenerate mana without using downtime. When paired with a Paladin, Druid, or Shaman they are most effective. Their partner can cast healing on the Warlock. This allows for quicker recovery time and allowing the Warlock to cast spells.When properly supported, Warlocks are valuable members of any party. Warlocks are useful in dungeons in WOW Classic. Their ability to regenerate mana without resting is useful when facing enemies in this environment.

Warlocks: Skills, Professions and Talents

Warlocks have several options on skills and talents in WOW Classic. Players will want to focus on several types of skills to more efficiently level up. Control spells such as Fear, Howl of Terror, Death Coil, Unending Breath, and Inferno are important. The best spells for dealing damage are Immolate, Corruption, and Curse of Agony. Life Tap and Drain Life, as mentioned above, are good for regaining mana.

Create Healthstone and Create Soulstone are also important skills for Warlocks. These are unique spells for Warlocks in WOW Classic that are useful when playing solo. When working in a group, the Ritual of Summoning is very useful to bring in members of their group. This is especially useful in dungeons, where Summonstones do not work.

Several professions can aid in leveling up as well. First Aid is important, as Warlocks are not self-healing in WOW Classic. To gain gold, learn Herbalism, Skinning, and Mining. Skinning and Enchanting allows players to create useful items for their own use or to trade.

With talent, the best specs to use are Affliction and Demonology. Warlocks have the unique advantage in leveling up in WOW Classic in that they can interchange their abilities through spells. By balancing their damage and resources, Warlocks can level up fast in WOW Classic.

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