Jumpin Thar Skydive

Jumpin Thar Skydive

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Wed, Feb 14, 2018, 12:30 PM -  Wed, Feb 28, 2018, 11:30 PM


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Organiser : NTC Adventures
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Kota Airport
Kota - Rajasthan
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"Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up."- Leonardo da Vinci

Skydiving is the action sport of exiting an aircraft and returning to Earth with the aid of gravity. It is also known as Parachuting & it became an international sport in 1952. 
Parachuting is performed as a recreational activity and a competitive sport, as well as for the deployment of military airborne forces and occasionally forest firefighters.

Event date: 14th Feb 2018 Onwards 
Event place: Kota Airport, Kota, Rajasthan

Jump height: 10,000 ft. 
Aircraft: Cessna 172R or Cessna Caravan 208 (Depending upon the number of jumps per day). 
Safety: Instructors & equipment's are affiliated from USPA.

Activity Type: Tandem Jump. 
Old Price: INR 35,700/-.


NEW PRICE: INR 23,000/- + 2% non-refundable Convenience Fee 

Booking Amount:- INR 10,000/- * (PN this amount is non-refundable, we will readjust your jump but refund & amount transfer will not be done in any circumstances) *

NOTE:- It’s a limited period offer. Bookings will close on 31st October 2017 All bookings are on First Come First Serve basis. Just pay the advance amount of INR 10,000/- to book your Dream jump & pay the rest on spot.

To Book Your Tickets Please mail us: 
Visit: www.ntcadventures.com

Call @ 7568903231

WhatsApp @ 9743673020

Training time: 30 minutes before the jump.

Who Attends the Event? 
1) Candidate must be at least 18 years of age. 
2) Strictly prohibited patients with epilepsy, heart problems, bone injuries/medical conditions or acute asthma, high blood pressure, fear of height, or if you are pregnant. 
3) Tandem skydive has a Maximum weight of 100kgs. Maximum Body mass Idex (BMI ) 33.95 
4) A medical fitness certificate form a certified Doctor for this activity. 

1) Before Jump Training. 
2) Videography. 
3) Merchandise. 
4) All type of permissions. 
5) Certificate. 
6) Jump Log Book (on additional cost of INR 500/-)

1) Any type of expenses which are not related with this activity. 

Refund Policy: 
1) Cancellation 30 days before the event, 75% amount will be granted. 
2) Cancellation 15 days before the event, 50% amount will be granted. 
2) No Refund for No Show.

Follow Us On: 
1) Facebook:-> https://www.facebook.com/nighttrekkersclub 
2) Twitter:-> https://twitter.com/NTCAdventures 
3) Meetup:-> http://www.meetup.com/NTC-Adventures/ 
4) LinkedIn:-> https://www.linkedin.com/company/ntc-adventures 

Other Mandatory Instruction:- 
       1) Medical Certificate. 
       2) Declaration & Disclaimer Form – will be provided post enrolment. 
       3) One Govt ID Card is mandatory (Xerox & Original Both) 
       6) NTC Adventures follows STRICT No Smoking / Alcohol policy

Disclaimer -Nature offers its own challenges from time to time. As Skydiving is an extremely challenging sport, it is possible to have minor/major changes to the designed plan. It is also possible that jumper will have to incur additional costs owing to the challenges.


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