Guide: How to Defeat WOW Classic Wushoolay in Edge of Madness?

Guide: How to Defeat WOW Classic Wushoolay in Edge of Madness?

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With Edge of Madness event going on, now you can be able to defeat WOW Classic Wushoolay boss on EU server. Once defeated, you can be able to get Hoodoo Hunting Bow and other two loots.

Tips to defeat WOW Classic Wushoolay

Wushoolay is a shaman boss that has lightning abilities, including Chain Lightning and Lightning Cloud. During the fight, you have to watch out for the two abilities with the following tips:
1. Chain Lightning
Wushoolay can jump to nearby enemies via this lightning ability. And throughout the fight, all melee should stand behind Wushoolay at all times, since Chain Lightning only affects the enemies in front of Wushoolay boss.
2. Lightning Cloud
Another major ability for Wushoolay boss is Lightning Cloud that can cause a cloud of lightning in order to deal periodic damage to anyone standing within it. Therefore, you need to get out of the cloud instantly. One more thing, Melee should move together and can't stand in front of the boss, which can be able to avoid the damage from this lightning ability.

WOW Classic Wushoolay drops

When you kill Wushoolay boss in the Edge of Madness, you can be able to loot three drops from it, such as:
- Hoodoo Hunting Bow: Agility/Stamina bow
- Wushoolay's Poker: Healing Power/Mp5 dagger
- Wushoolay's Mane: ZG Trinket item

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