Fast rs3 gold with Free 4.18

Fast rs3 gold with Free 4.18

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Recently Jagex has claimed they will increase the RuneScape membership price from June 4, which has caused a great deal of controversy. However, the release of TH - Genie’s Gift this week causes more disputes. Learn more and remember to get cheap rs gold from RSorder. This year will focus on players’ ideas for small and mid-sized updates. Mod Timbo will develop Alchemy on agate jewelry during Game Jam, and he will release his design before Game Jam for player feedback.How to Buy Cheap RuneScappe Gold?If you need RuneScape 2007 gold, RuneScape gold or other RS products, please cherish rare opportunities. Use this coupon code 'RSYK5' to buy RS gold & accounts, you can acquire 5% free gold or save 5% off money.

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RuneScape Treasure Hunter - Genie’s Gift details

Until April 16, during the Genie’s Gift Alice is replaced by Karima as the Treasure Hunter host, from whom you can obtain 6 different kinds of lamps of all sizes, including Prismatic lamps, Hydra lamps, Smouldering lamps, Dark lamps, Bright lamps and Celebration lamps. What is more, the Bright lamps, Celebration lamps and Dark lamps can always grant 70%, 10%, and 40% additional XP, respectively without requiring progress to reach maximum rewards.

The increase of Membership price

It’s officially claimed that the RuneScape membership price (including Old School RuneScape) will be increased for new members as well as whoever have been unsubscribed for more than 14 days on June 4. Generally speaking, the price of one month membership will be be increased by about $2.5 while one year membership price increasing by $10 compared to the current price.

Luckily, this will not have an effect on those who are already subscribed currently. And the existing subscription agreement will be fulfilled as long as it remains in effect.What is more, if you want to keep enjoying the members’ content at current price, you’d better subscribe now. As you can see, Jagex has promised they have great plans for the rest of 2018 and planning a huge 2019.Actually, many players cannot accept the increase of membership price. What do you think? All in all, don’t forget to get cheap RuneScape gold from our site.

As a community event sponsored by Jagex to showcase upcoming content, the RuneScape Game Jam 2018 will be launched soon. In addition, do you want to get more cheap Runescape Gold? Please read more below.The RuneScape Game Jam 2018 will be held on April 13 and will be held this weekend. As a community event, Jagex moderators will show their early developments on content creation during live streaming, as well as getting feedback from players and suggestions for future updates. You may find some potential content while watching the live broadcast.

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