Enter the RS3gold site to quickly Obtain osrs gold with Half Price for OSRS Holy

Enter the RS3gold site to quickly Obtain osrs gold with Half Price for OSRS Holy

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Looking to complete the Holy Grail quest in OSRS gold and runescape 3 gold ? Look no further for a concise guide to aid your journey in completing this quest!This quest can be difficult to tackle, but we’re here to explain everything in a simple, digestible manner. By following this quest guide, you can enjoy the lore more than gameplay gimmicks, or simply complete the quest quickly in order to progress your main goals.

This quest is rated as having an official difficulty of intermediate, and an official length of medium. However, by following our guide, you can expect to reduce the ratings of both of those factors. Without further ado, let’s get right into the requirements.


One thing to highlight is that if you’re an Ultimate Ironman, you will visit the island of Entrana. The importance here is that Entrana doesn’t allow any combat items, or you can’t enter. The island excludes all forms of combat gear: weapons and armour, with the exception of runes. As such, this is a quest you should prioritise as an Ultimate Ironman, to do before others, or consider item retrieval storage services. It’s a worthy note even if you’re not currently playing one of these characters, as you may decide to do so in the future. Proper planning guarantees near-perfect performance.

You must have completed Merlin’s Crystal, a short quest. There are no other requirements or prerequisites in terms of quests. From Merlin’s Crystal, you need to have the Excalibur with you. You will need level 20 Attack to complete the quest.

Whilst you will face a level 120 enemy, it’s not very notable if you have done practically any training in Magic or Ranged. The reason being is that you can safespot this enemy very easily. If you haven’t trained either of those skills, for Melee builds, you can use any Halberd instead. Or gain some simple levels, the choice is entirely yours. Given you’ve completed Merlin’s Crystal, you probably won’t have anything to worry about in terms of combat, given you’ve defeated a level 39 enemy already. The only thing you need the Excalibur for is to deliver the final blow.

· If you are below 55 combat, bring armour, weapon, and food as an emergency.

· Excalibur is required, without it, you will waste time fighting the boss.

· Preferably some form of safespotting equipment: any Ranged weapon, any Magic spells, or a Halberd for melee users.

· 3 Camelot teleports, 1 Falador teleport, 1 Ardougne teleport. If you haven’t completed Plague City, you can use a Castle Wars teleport or any alternative to get to Ardougne.

· 60 coins on you, for chartering ships.

· If you’re below 45 combat, bring an anti-poison potion. This is because enemies will be aggressive towards you who can inflict poison.

· Combat bracelet and Amulet of Glory for teleportation.

That’s all you need to complete the quest. As always, if you’re a higher level, consider wearing Graceful. Stamina potions are always nice-to-have in any spare inventory slots you may have.

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