Cheap runescape gold for 2018 New Year

Cheap runescape gold for 2018 New Year

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All free in-game items have been revealed in RuneScape Christmas Advent Calendar 2017.From now on ,you can retrieve any items you may have missed until the 9 are able to get rs3 gold with Double Offers & 2 free RuneScape Christmas Loot Pinata and 10 Treasure Hunter Keys.The below is whole details.

Happy New Year 2018!Welcome to Join Rsorder New Year Party for osrs gold/Runescape gold with Double Offers[6% off and Up to 8% free bonus] From Dec.29, 2017 To Jan.6, 2018!

Remember that you can get 2 RuneScape Christmas Loot Pinatas and 10 Treasure Hunter Keys as today’s free in-game gift in Christmas Advent Calendar 2017,On 25 December,this is the final day of Christmas Advent Calendar 2017. However, please note you still can retrieve any items that you have missed during December before January 9, 2018.

Get various rewards from RuneScape Christmas Loot Pinata

When you get the Christmas Loot Pinata, you will be awarded a RuneScape Christmas Loot Pinata Bag by deploying and hitting it on your own,but hitting a Christmas Loot pinata that was deployed by someone else does not reward a loot bag. 5 empty inventory spaces are required to open the bag.

The rewards list on below:

25,000 coins
Prismatic medium fallen star
Prismatic large fallen star
Medium dungeoneering token box
Almond toffee
Hazelnut praline
Lemon truffle
Mint fondant
Strawberry creme
Spirit ruby
Spirit dragonstone
Spirit onyx
40 Silverhawk feathers
20 Springs
50 Dragon trinkets
4 Advanced pulse core
2 Royal battleship kits
5 noted uncut dragonstones
5 noted uncut diamonds
Stocking teleport token
Present head token
Present sack token
Stack of presents token
Present hammer weapon token
Elf shoes token
Rudolph necklace token
Christmas tree cape token

Recently, the official Old School RuneScape has tweeted an ingame picture which shows a combination of Blue Party Hat and Santa Hat. It would be the last scheduled update of the 2018. And herald New Year Event 2018 is coming on Monday, December 11. Moreover, they leaked that there will be a rather Rude reindeer in 2018 New Year Event. Yeah! they are crazy. Are you ready to welcome this New Year Event.Okay!!! Let us countdown the New Year Event 2018 and the bell for the New Year is going to ring. Rsorder New Year Big Sale will be arrivals soon, buy the cheapest OSRS gold for OSRS New Year Event 2018. We will keep eyes on OSRS 2018 New Year rewards. Stay tuned!

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Happy New Year 2018!Welcome to Join Rsorder New Year Party for osrs gold/Runescape gold with Double Offers[6% off and Up to 8% free bonus] From Dec.29, 2017 To Jan.6, 2018!Snap::


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