celebrate the islamic day eid what is the islamic astrology

celebrate the islamic day eid what is the islamic astrology

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We have to support our nation…but the Person who gave life to us in their world, is God Almighty. So we owe more respect to Him, than anyone in this world, to any other government in this world – Otherwise we have to respect other people. If it does not go against the teaching of Allah (SWT), you can follow it. Regarding Astrology, you said that… ‘Can we talk about fortune telling, etc.?’

slamic festivals or the holidays are celebrated according to Islamic calendar. The traditional practice is, festival dates are decided and declared by a committee of Muslim leaders in local country. This practice is followed in majority of Muslim countries. Muslim leaders follow the process of fist sighting of crescent moon after sunset to decide first day of each month and then festivals are derived from there.

Here we have provided details 2016 islamic festival holiday dates and any other information related to muslim religious holiday. Some dates may vary slightly in local countries as they are determined locally according tomoon sighting.


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