Belly dance Choreography workshop with Nalini (USA) Mumbai

Activities Dance and Fitness

Sun, Feb 05, 2017, 09:30 PM -  Mon, Feb 06, 2017, 12:30 AM

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Organiser : Anjali Rathore
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22, Sangini House, Aram Nagar 1, J. P. Road,
Mumbai - Maharashtra
About us

Come learn, workout and simply enjoy the magical bellydance moves of Egyptian & Russian style! 
You will take away a choreography that can be used in your performance or your own daily practice. The music will also be shared with the participants. It is 3 hours session - one day only!

When: Sunday, February 5
Time: 4 pm to 7 pm
Fee -Rs 2,500 ( Till Jan 25th )
- Rs 3,000 ( after Jan 25th )

About the trainer:
Nalini is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher in Seattle, USA. She is known for captivating audiences with her technical skill, emotionally expressive performances, and compelling choreographs.

Her repertoire includes Belly dance, Bollywood, and Russian Gypsy dance. She is a world-renowned artist whose awards include:

- "National Championship of Belly Dance" Grand Champion 2003, Russia
- Best Soloist of the Year 2004, Russia (an award judging soloists from all dance styles)
- "Belly Dancer USA" People's Choice 1st Place 2007
- "Belly Dancer USA" 2nd Place 2007 and 2010
- "Belly Dancer USA" People's Choice 1st Place 2010 

Nalini is the founder and director of a few professional and student dance groups that were winners in multiple competitions in the USA. 
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