Asia-Pacific Oral Care International Exchange Summit

Asia-Pacific Oral Care International Exchange Summit

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Mon, Feb 10, 2020, 08:00 AM -  Wed, Feb 12, 2020, 08:00 PM

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Organiser : Running Tooth
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3F, No 150 Liulin Road, Huang Pu District , Shanghai
3F, No 150 Liulin Road, Huang Pu
Shanghai - HongKong
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The most influential dental summit -- Asia pacific oral care international exchange summit, which will be held in Feb 10th - 12th, China Hong Kong. Every day more 500 outstanding dentists, experts, doctors, professors, investors, dental technician, orthodontic doctors, clinical expert, academic scientist, etc .


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Call for Papers
01. Summit Agenda 

Day 1: Discussion on oral care medical care plan and reform of oral medical devices  Hot topics: 

a, Application of vertical bone incremental technology  

b, Modern Clinical Dilemma: implants VS endodontic treatment  

c, Bonding technology of composite resin  

d, Edentulous jaw implant program without bone grafting 

e, Prescription and over -the -counter drugs -- the choice of acute toothache 

f, Risk prevention, and control of artificial dental implant  

g, An important anatomical structure related to implant  h, Application of 3D printing in oral and maxillofacial surgery  

i, The way of root canal therapy - the common problems and treatment details from irrigation to treatment and the development of preparation equipment for root canal therapy  

j, Analysis and consideration of clinical development trend of periodontology  

k, Application and innovative development of digital dental aesthetic restoration, digital orthodontic invisible correction scheme  

l, New era posterior filling 

Day 2: Oral prevention - the development trend of oral care products 

a, Natural and innovative functional components of adult oral health care products  

b, oral health care for children  

c, Healthy tooth whitening products without harm to dentin  

d, Effectively prevent melanin deposition on dental plaque --- toothbrush 

e, Application of individualized orthodontic appliance  

f, Effect of mouthwash on dental health care  

g, Oral care and health care for infants ( 0-3 years old )  

h, Fluoride toothpaste - the effect of fluoride in the mouth  

i, Development trend and market capacity of oral care products in the next 3-5 years  

j , Suitable health toothbrush for adults 

Day 3: Convenience brought by the development of innovative oral care technology  

a, Application and development of orthodontics combined with artificial intelligence technology in the era of the big date  

b, Development trend of oral telemedicine  

c, CS3D imaging software ( Care stream dental) develop 3D virtual optimal treatment plan

d, The development potential of stealth orthodontics is unlimited, etc .  The above topics only for your reference, all the topics of the meeting are mainly on the day of the summit.

02. Summit colorful points  

a, Recommend “ one on one direct chat with VIP guests

b, Comprehensive understanding of the latest innovative technology, cutting-edge oral care technology  

c, get the newest market data & forecast from the worldwide famous consulting agencies research database  

d, each day have one-panel discussion ( 5-7 members once )          

03. Invest keynote speakers & VIP guests

Above speaks only for your reference, totally invite 125 + VIP guests, all information and news, reports should be on mainly attendees at the summit. FYI ~ 

04. Organizer 

RunningTooth is the worldwide the first platforms provide smart home visit oral care services to consumers & patients.  At the same time, we research consumers, provide cutting -edge market information, disseminate knowledge of oral care, and organize industry summit, exchange, interview the well-known/key persons within this industry. Practice the brand-new concept of oral care experience; open the door of seamless and precise docking between the hospital clinic and consumers. Committed to become the wine vane of the oral care industry.                  

05. Media platforms (more than 30 +)   

All the media platforms shall be mainly arriving at the venue for your reference  ~  

Contact information:

上海玳久人信息技术有限公司 上海市黄浦区柳林路150号建发大厦3楼/4楼 电话: 021- 5266 7987 邮箱: Shanghai RunningTooth information technology co.,ltd  3F /4F, NO.150 Liulin Road, HuangPu District, Shanghai, China  Tel: 021- 5266 7987


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