Advanced Data Cleaning Techniques in Excel

Advanced Data Cleaning Techniques in Excel

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Thu, Dec 14, 2017, 03:00 PM -  Thu, Dec 14, 2017, 06:00 PM

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Data Cleaning is the process of detecting and correcting (or removing) inaccurate and incomplete data.

There’s no point of generating reports from your data when it’s not clean and usable; all your reports will be faulty, and you can’t take any decisions based on them.

Excel’s Advanced Data Cleaning techniques help you become the Sherlock Holmes in detecting this inaccurate and incomplete data!


Why is Data Cleaning important? Why should I invest 3 hours in learning it?

Let’s say you want to carry out some marketing activity to your current 35000 customers. The customer database that you are currently maintaining maybe full of mix data like: -

·         Mobile numbers may not be 10 digits (India nos.) – SMS marketing cannot happen if the numbers not in order

·         Email ID’s have spelling mistakes,,, – Emails will keep bouncing back even though you have the correct email id.

·         You want to carry out city-wise marketing activities, but the city names are messed up – you would not know how many city-wise customers do you really have?

·         You download data from a back-end system which is all merged into 1 cell. You want the data to be usable quickly.


What all will you learn (completely hands-on) in these 3 hours?! 

·         Data Structuring correctly

·         Standardizing data at input stage

·         Identifying missing data in a large set

·         Identifying Duplicate & Unique Records

·         Selecting cells based on various types of selections

·         Cleaning, Extracting, Combining Text

·         Find & Replace advance options

·         Working with and Cleaning Numbers & Dates

·         Paste Special

·         Advanced Vlookup technique to streamline data in required format



What you need to know about Excel beforehand?

It’s an intermediate level course, not for absolute fresher in Excel.

This training is meant mainly for anyone who is comfortable with basics on Excel like formatting data & entering some formulas.

If you know basics of formulas like Sum, Sumif, Countif, $ sign in formulas, Vlookup, etc., it will be a great learning experience for you during the course.



Trainer @ Passion, Entrepreneur @ Work, Dancer @ Heart!

Rushabh Shah, certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Excel, has trained 1500+ working professionals and MBA students in Excel & Data Analytics. After 8 years of job experience, he started, a corporate training company in 2014.
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What you need to get to the workshop

·         It’s going to be completely hands-on, must carry your laptop.

o   Windows users - Excel 2010 or higher version (2016 or Office 365 version preferred)

o   Mac users – Excel for Mac 2011 (2016 or Office 365 version preferred)

Mac users, must ensure you have Excel. Numbers (from Apple) won’t help for this workshop

·         A notepad & a pen.

·         Super Excitement to learn and then apply your learnings ;-)


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