2024 China Enterprise Carbon Neutral Best Practice Forum

2024 China Enterprise Carbon Neutral Best Practice Forum

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Thu, Mar 28, 2024, 09:00 AM -  Fri, Mar 29, 2024, 05:00 PM


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Shanghai china - Shanghai,China
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2024 China Enterprise Carbon Neutral Best Practice Forum

Carbon Market, CCER, Scope 3


Date: March 28-29

Place: Shanghai,China

Organizer: ECV International

Tickets: Offline (On-site) &Online (Live Broadcast).

Official website: https://www.ecv-events.com/ads/CarbonNeutral/index.php



In the dual-carbon era, enterprises face the imperative of achieving not just carbon peaking but also addressing Scope 3 emissions, unlocking untapped potential for carbon reduction. The formulation of dual-carbon strategies, precise carbon calculations, and the use of digital technology are crucial for enterprises in the low-carbon era. Digital technology, a pivotal tool, robustly supports enhancing carbon efficiency and providing innovative solutions for achieving net-zero emissions in the value chain. Leveraging digital technology enables enterprises to maximize carbon efficiency, propel the value chain towards net-zero emissions, and thoroughly analyze net-zero practices in the value chain.

The upcoming forum, themed "Best Practices for Carbon Neutrality in Chinese Enterprises," gathers government agencies, industry experts, and executives to share practical insights on policy planning, standards, and the latest developments in carbon neutrality, contributing to a clearer understanding of industry trends and challenges. This approach will provide industry professionals with a clearer understanding of the latest trends and challenges, enabling them to seize opportunities and adapt effectively.


Hot Topics

  • Prospects and Trends Analysis of Carbon Market Innovation and Development in the Dual-Carbon Landscape.
  • Circular Economy Leading Sustainable Green Transformation in the Chemical Industry.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Scope 3 Driving Green Transformation for Enterprises through Comprehensive Carbon Reduction Strategies.
  • Collaborative Role of Carbon Emission Calculation and Decarbonization Path Design in Building a Low-Carbon Society.
  • Deciphering the Latest CCER Policies to Enhance the Quality of Carbon Trading Market Data.
  • Green Technologies Empowering Carbon Management to Facilitate Zero-Carbon Transformation for Enterprises.
  • Panel Discussion: Exploration and Practices of Enterprises on the Road to Carbon Neutrality.
  • Scope 3 Emission Challenges: Comprehensive Application of Green Electricity Solutions in Enterprises.
  • Green Low-Carbon Computing Empowers Carbon Neutrality Methodology and Best Practices.
  • Current Status, Development, and Mechanism Research on the Construction of China's Carbon Emission Trading Market and CCER Integration.
  • Co-Building a Collaborative Ecosystem: Supplier Collaboration Driving Zero-Carbon Value Chain Management.
  • Green Design and Technological Innovation Accelerating Enterprise Low-Carbon Transformation.
  • Revolutionizing Procurement Together for a Carbon-Neutral Future, Constructing Sustainable Value Chain Risk Management.
  • Leveraging Digital Technology to Enhance Accuracy and Logic in Scope 3 Data.
  • Best Practices in Achieving Net-Zero Emissions Across the Value Chain: Insights and Sharing.
  • In-Depth Exploration of the Crucial Role of Scope 3 Emission Calculation in the Upstream Industrial Chain.
  • Green Logistics: Optimizing Transportation Efficiency and Reducing Carbon Emissions.


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