2 Day Design Thinking Workshop for HR and Talent Innovation

2 Day Design Thinking Workshop for HR and Talent Innovation

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Wed, Jun 21, 2017, 03:00 PM -  Thu, Jun 22, 2017, 11:00 PM


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Vidya Priya Rao
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Mumbai - Maharashtra
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Create a credible differentiator for your organization by adopting design thinking, to transform HR from a ‘process developer and maintainer’ to an ‘experience architect.

With leadership realizing that employees hold power to providing an exceptional customer experience and have a direct impact on business outcomes, as HR you realize the need to focus on ‘a positive employee experience’ to align with the brand promise in the market.

In the gig economy, where money is no longer the primary motivating factor for employees you need to design a workplace having the right cultural, physical and technological environment, to attract and retain a multi-generational workforce.

Designed to succeed – Putting employees first

“Design thinking for HR and Talent Innovation” is about thinking like a designer and apply iterative design principles to identify the touchpoints along the employee lifecycle, where a positive experience has the greatest impact.

  • Personalization – forming a fit between the needs of the employee and organization.
  • Simplicity– the identification and removal of non-value-added actions, information, and processes to streamline experiences.
  • Authenticity– aligning employee experience to the company culture and values.
  • Responsiveness– enabling both employee and employer to share information and timely feedback, and to modify actions accordingly.
  • Transparency– improving visibility across the organization for both employee and employer.

Turning objectives or problems into outcomes: Flexible solutions for your business needs

To help you think about employees first and processes second, you get to apply new methods and techniques (persona based selection, empathy maps, hassle maps, employee journey maps, etc.) to a familiar field and explore answers for complex questions you grapple with:

  • How to make employees’ interaction with HR interfaces more simple, intuitive and pleasurable?
  • How to design overall experiences that engage employees , across all stages from candidate to alumni?
  • How to create evidence-based talent management systems and provide strategic inputs to the top team?
  • How to facilitate diverse employees to work in sync and take advantage of location-aware technology to make people more productive?
  • How to make HR outcomes more exciting for HR professionals?
  • How can HR help build & reinforce design capabilities across the organization?

Design your custom design thinking workshop agenda

Choose the area you would like the workshop to be designed for your unique needs. You can craft the answers to some of the important questions facing the function:

  • Hiring: how can hiring be redefined by making the process itself an ambassador for your organization?
  • Learning and Development: How can learning become truly employee-centric and also achieve all learning outcomes?
  • Performance Management: How can one of the most dreaded processes (from the employee point of view) achieve buy-in and support from employees?
  • Business Unit HR Services: How can HR help employees get seamless HR services?
  • Rewards: How can rewards be made even more relevant to employees?
  • Employer Branding: How to align with Marketing for employer branding initiatives?
  • Culture: How to redesign the culture to create and engaging workforce?

Workshop Structure

We have designed a hands-on experience in a 1/2/3 day classroom setting followed by a complimentary 1-hour online Personal Coaching session to clarify any doubts. The activity of the classroom training is a balanced mix of theory and practice.


It’s designed for HR leaders, managers, and executives who want to equip themselves with better ways to handle problems and meet management expectations in the digital era.

Learning Outcomes

  • The hands-on fun workshop takes the participants through the design thinking journey of – What Is?, What If? What Wows?, – To create the desired What Works employee and business outcomes.
  • Understand design thinking and how if differs from conventional problem-solving techniques
  • Apply design thinking tools and techniques to real-life situations and co-create solutions with relevant stakeholders to enhance employee experience and humanize the workplace
  • Empathize with employees and uncover their UNMET, UNARTICULATED or UNDREAMT needs.

Workshop Facilitator

Vidya Priya Rao , Core Facilitator, Founder, Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP

Vidya Priya Rao, is the Founder and Director of Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP, a customer experience, marketing, and sales consulting and services firm based in Mumbai, India. She is a service design thinking decoder. She is a visiting faculty at S.P.Jain School of Global Management. She is an Executive, Marketing & Sales Coach, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker.

Workshop Fee

Workshop Early Bird Price - Before 4th June 2017

  • INR 24,000 + Applicable Taxes

Workshop Regular Price - After 4th June 2017

  • INR 30,000 + Applicable Taxes

If needed, we can issue invoices in response to purchase orders. We offer 10% group discount to organisations booking multiple places.

To know more feel free to contact us via email at vidyapriya.rao@marketerstouchpoint.com or call at +91 8080015500. We are here to help you. or visit http://bit.ly/2iJUYWT


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