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ISGW 2017 Competitions

20 Jan 2017 midnight to 22 Jan 2017 midnight


Contact details

Deepali Chandwani

Location details

delhi - delhi

About this event

The 1st edition of ISGW Competitions held in March 2016 received participation from 34 colleges and organizations, 156 participants, 47 smart solutions were developed. This year ISGW 2017 Competitions is organized on a bigger scale and is offering an opportunity to WIN prizes over 1 Million Rupees.

The brief description of each event is as follows,

·       APPTHON Challenge (20th to 22nd January): To create a smart phone App that will be useful for electric, water and gas utilities and their customers, smart city administration, transport, etc.

·       INNOTHON Challenge (20th to 22nd January): To showcase an innovative and ground-breaking concept via a hardware model, concept note, a software tool etc.

·       HACKATHON Challenge (21st to 22nd January): To ‘Capture the Flag (CTF)’ which involves participants to hack into an SCADA system through its internet security, toggle a switch and exit the system.