To better understand features, we have formatted it in FAQ.

Public Event/Activity:

Wants your event/activity to reach your society or mass audience ? Hook2events helps you in publishing, sharing and promoting events. Publishing or creating event is free.

  • How it is useful for me?

    Hook2events provides you simple and useful platform to create events with all necessary details. You can also invite people and friends in your event through facebook and email contacts.You can even keep the record of event and share pictures and videos of the event. Your event reaches to lacs of users, thus making your event more successful.

  • Can I edit my event details?

    Yes you can, by clicking on edit button which is available at each event.

  • Can I promote event?

    Yes, publishing of your event at dedicated site is first step towards promotion of event. Website also provides lots of other tools to promote your event. If you are looking paid promotion through us, please contact us.

  • Who can view published event?

    As it is public event, anyone can view and join it. Website also have user friendly search engine to search any event and join.

  • Do I need to always create event as I do regular event?

    No, Website is much automated, you need to click link ‘New” near your published event and your new event will be published.

  • Can I invite FB friends?

    Yes, Website have FB application, you can invite FB friends, share with them and can also access website through facebook.

  • What kind of events/activity I can create here?

    You can create, publish and share any kind of event, activity like sports, adventure, conference, seminar and music concert etc.